Clicking sound while automating bypass on plugin

Hey guys,

When automating bypass on a plugin I get clicking sound, I tried many things to avoid it, nothing helped so I figure the only way is to duplicate the channel and crossfade between the channel with and without the effect. My question is if there was any update on the newer versions of Cubase that solves this issue, or do you still need to do the trick with the duplicated channel?

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The thing is, once you bypass a plug-in, the latency of the given track changes. Therefore the track has to be shifted (to stay in perfect sync with the other tracks), which means, it pops/clicks.

Are we talking about Disabling plugin, or Bypassing? There should be no clicks when doing a bypass and there should be no change in plugin latency or any shifting.


We are talking about bypassing. Plug-in disabling is not automatable.

Yes, there should be no clicks and no change in latency - it is no different than muting a channel. The plugin is still processing the audio, but the effect has been bypassed… is this not correct?

This is no issue with Cubase… if you switch processing on and off during playback of a signal it is possible to hear the switch since there is a change in level, sound or both. Sometimes this is audible… sometimes other signals mask the artefacts…
Make sure to switch to bypass with no or low signal in this moment… and of course it depends on the type of processing you switch in or out…

Thanks for your answers guys,

It’s with the plugin LFO tool which does side chain compression, so I want to switch it on while there’s a signal.

I see the problem here, and it’s stupid of me that I didn’t actually think of using a ghost channel with midi triggering instead

Thanks everyone

Are you sure this is true? I was under the impression Effect Bypass was soft like a channel mute, not hard.

it switches immediately
and if you switch off compression or gates clicks could happen

and there is a difference if you use the bypass of Cubase/Nuendo or the bypass inside a plugin like on many UAD plugins…