Clicks and pops disappeared after updating to Cubase 7.5

Recently i had a major issue in C7, was working on a project, did not change anything in the settings, but when
I opened the project I was experiencing constant clicks and pops - they did not occur when running Play (EW libraries) in standalone mode, so it must have been sth in Cubase7 settings.

Tried changing buffer size, various edits in Device Setup, rebooting audio interface, restarting PC, etc, VST performance was never above 50% - had nearly 30MIDI tracks with multiple instances of Play, reverb everywhere, Hollywood libraries, lots of expression data, etc

Once I upgraded to C7.5 it solved all my problems, now I just get occasional sudden rises in performance, nothing major.

Do you know what might have been the problem so I can take care of it in the future?

thanks, PK

Um…C7? :laughing: