Clicks and pops using The Grand 3 in standalone mode

When im using the grand 3 with my buffer size at a reasonable value for low latency i am sometimes getting clicks and pops. Even on the lowest buffer size of 16 the cpu is barely being touched and sits at 6-7% usage in windows task manager so does this mean its not a cpu issue and something else causes the issue?
I have run latency monitor and i do sometimes get some readings in the red and and get the statement telling me that i could have some issues with realtime audio on my machine but not all the time. Is this likely to be the cause?
I dont really understand what the latency monitor is telling me and what it means and how i can use that information to alter/improve my system if this is the cause.
So if anyone can offer me some advice it would be appreciated.
Im running windows 10, intel i7 6700 with 32gb of ram and nvme drives for windows and the grand content.
Just to add that the meters for cpu and ram within the grand are at the low end.
Thanks Dan