clicks and pops when using cubase 6

Are there any troubleshooting guides for clicks and pops heard when using cubase 6? At first I thought it might be my audio card but other applications are ok


Resplendence LatencyMon or DPC Latency Checker

To check what processes are disturbing.

What audiocard do you use, and with what for latency and buffersize your work?
Also some more systeminfos could be usefull.

Greetz Bassbase

I am using an M-Audio Delta Audiophile card, 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100Hz. I am running Cubase 6.0.0 (32 bit) on a computer running Windows 7, AMD Athelon 64 X 2 dual core prosessor 4200+ 2.2 GHz.

I’m not sure how to check for the latencey and buffer size.


You know where to set up your soundcard in cubase? There you can see the latency
Or in your soundcardmenu

Here some hnts how to set up your pc for audio

greetz Bassbase

The input and output latency were low (2 seconds). The only way to change the latency was to change the ASIO driver. I was using the M-Audio driver which gave the lowest possible latency, every other choice had higher latency. If I change to higher latency would that possibly improve the performance and eliminate pops?


2ms latency is quite low, think you can raise up till 10ms and still play your keyboard with out realizing the latency too much.
I would say use the maudio driver, and as long you can’t change buffersize and latency while cubase is on.
Close cubase and raise buffersize and latency up step by step till system performs as you wish.

I have a latency around 7ms with 256samples.
With my old maudio fasttrack pro needed to go up on some projects to 1024 to get no more crackles and dropouts.

Greetz Bassbase

I’ll give that a try if I can find out how to increase the latency on my M-audio card. There must be something in the device manager screen in windows.

If you have the driver for maudio installed then there should be a an icon somewhere where you can access you soundcard.