I’m trialing Nuendo 10 atm and am getting seriously p****d off with the clicking and popping issues I’m experiencing. I’m currently working to an Avid DNxHD animated video with imported audio files and direct offline processing. The audio performance IN Nuendo 10 is fine - barely registering. But on activity monitor the CPU usage is up around 100% during the most intense places (which aren’t THAT intense in terms of audio event quantity).

Intel i7 4790k
Gigabyte z97 MOBO
Mem - DDR3 32GB
Intel HD4600
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Audio Interface (Internally clocked)

I have tried setting the buffer size to max, enabled / disabled activate multi processing, enabled / disabled activate ASIO guard, ASIO guard level - LOW (tried Normal and High), Externally clocked un-checked, Clock Source - Internal.

I am still getting clicks and pops - it’s hugely frustrating. This feels like a project that Pro Tools could handle with ease. I have removed the video file which has reduced the CPU usage a bit but nothing dramatic. It feels like a clock issue but I still don’t understand why Nuendo 10 is taking up so much space on CPU, particularly when video file is removed.

I was enjoying getting to know Nuendo up to this point but if this can’t be resolved then there will be no point in pursuing with it.

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!


Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 16.31.03.png


I just want to say, 100% CPU in the Activity Monitor doesn’t mean, there is no headroom. Activity Monitors shows this number a bit a strange way… It shows it for 1 processor. So if you have 8 processors, you could reach up to 800% value here.

How does it look like with Memory? And Read/Write Disk?