Clicks and Pops

So I was recording 5 mics. 1 rvox on the vocal.

SSD OS drive + SSD audio drive. (32Gb of RAM also, aurora 16 with aes card)

I moved the buffer to 348 or whatever the one before 512 is, and there was still clicking and popping so noticeable everyone could hear it. (It was there on playback also)

Surely this cant be right. I did a quick search when recording for solutions and saw a couple posts to deactivate automatic hit point detection but that didnt help.

Anyone else experiencing this or have any solutions? Anything ideas at all?

If you haven’t already… I’d check all driver updates, including eLicencer. Also perhaps try it with networking stopped just as a test. Also from a clean/cold reboot. Also put the Cb dongle into a USB socket direct on the mobo rather than a USB hub. Also try this with no plugins loaded. Also try resetting prefs to default (safe mode startup, hold down + + (Windows) or + + (Mac OS X)). Just a few ideas. Hope you get it sorted. Years ago I had to use a de-clicker :wink:


I had this problem awhile ago I updated all drivers…(was very surprised how out of date I was) and the clicks went away…
so good advice from gargoylestudio…Kevin :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your help. All sound like good things to do. You’re right my USB is in a hub