Clicks only with headphones, cubase 12 on MacBook Pro M1

I’m having a weird issue with cubase 12 on MacBook Pro m1 Monterey (12.3.1): when using it without audio interface it works smoothly when audio is streaming through the built in speakers, but it makes it unusable when I plug in the headphone, lots of clicks and stuttering. Using an audio interface there’s no problem with headphones

I’m having the same problem. Any solution?

I’m having the same problem using a MacBook Air M1 and Cubase AI. No problem with the speakers, just the headphone output when playing back midi files. Tried different headphones no change. Headphone output outside of cubase no problems.
Any help would be much appreciated.

I managed to sort out the problem.
Once I had selected and used GarageBand with headphones. I returned to Audio Midi Setup and inserted the headphones. External headphones now appeared along side MacBook Air Microphone and MacBook Air Speakers under Audio Devices.
Returned to using Cubase, everything working as normal using headphones or speakers.

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I tried this and it worked! I check on cubase and the moment you connect your headphones (I don’t know why…) It tries to play it back in 48hz (and if your project is already in 48hz, it tries to play it in 41hz, pretty weird)
So when you open the audio midi setup on your mac and connect your headphones all you gotta do is make it 41hz (if that’s how you’re working of course, you know what I mean) just make it so they all work in the same Hz and no problems. Everything working smoothly now. Thanks for the info!

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That was it. Going into Audio Midi on the mac and changing the playback in hz from 48hz to 44 :slight_smile: Thanks all. All the response I got back was “You need a better computer” which obviously wasn’t the solution

Where is audio MIDI? Can’t find it on MacBook M1 Pro
Having same issue