Clicks + other removal functions for vinyl records

Will there be any special record scratch noise / clicks removal tools in SL, like for example as in RX, which have lots of those tools (optimized to vinyl records)?!

If the existing tools are supposed to working on different kinds of noisy files, then it would be nice with a whole lot more presets to choose from.

Another thing I thought of when I opened the “Click Repair” menu, was it’s default dialog size. I would have wanted a bigger dialog. The preset name length in the combo box, is limited to about 8 characters.

If I then click on the help funtion “?” for the “click repair”, I get a very limited explanation of what can be done with the dialog.

I’m missing more stuff, more deeper explanation, even better with some examples, how to use and get the best out of the Click repair functions.

Am I asking for too much :slight_smile:


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No, but you should add a feature-request tag to your thread’s title.

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The following is a little off-topic perhaps, but, as a user of RX for years, if you already have RX (?) then use that instead, for the very reason that it is highly optimized for vinyl restoration. I haven’t even tried using SL for this purpose yet, for two reasons, namely 1. I haven’t had a vinyl restoration job in years and 2. I don’t think I’m going to need anything better than what RX already does.

If you don’t have RX, the restoration plugins are often on sale for $29 or so (or as part of RX Elements), otherwise yes, your feedback is useful, but I’m not sure there’s really a big market for vinyl restoration tools any more – unless SL functions can be improved to the extent that they can better RX, Cedar and Capstan … :crossed_fingers:

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I’m trying to clean some old recordings that have hundreds of instances of pops that were caused by faulty cables and rf interference. So far Spectralayers Pro doesn’t do the job well. It demands I fix every single pop manually. No thanks.

I also tried SL’s find/replace function among other tricks but nothing.

Does anyone know if the cheaper versions of RX can bulk repair such damage?

Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll find anything that will automatically detect and fix every variation of of the type of interference you describe, however you could try WaveLab Elements, which has the Restore Rig. There’s a trial version of WaveLab Pro available.

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I will check it out, thanks. It would be nice if so-called AI could be used to do the grunt work for me. However, one useful trick I’ve learned from SL is to unmix a noisy podcast track as a song when the standard click, noise and hum filters don’t quite do the job. Even though the podcast was just two people talking, I unmixed it as a song with bass, drums etc in the check boxes.

I was surprised many of the pops, clicks and RF interference were separated as either an instrument track or “other” albeit not without some loss to the audio I wished to keep. And of course there were a few misses. With a bit of tweaking, acceptable results can be reached. Combined with spectral repair and a bit of patience, the technique can be a time saver. It also made me laugh because it’s amusing to see it happen. :smile:

Can you (or anyone here) post an example of audio with clicks (something along the lines of vinyl ticks or vinyl click/scratch examples).

Would like to experiment and try to see something for myself.

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I’ll see what I can do given copyrights of what I’m working with right now. I’ll see what I can find that can be posted at least in part.

I have made a short video on alternative methods to deal with clicks in SL. It might help.


Thanks Daniel, I’ve seen your great videos on YouTube. The click or perhaps more accurately, the sort of pop I want to remove is larger and difficult to remove by filters only without general fidelity loss.

Hand erasing them works nicely but what of 100 of them? I require automation. Soon, I’ll post a waveform shot and maybe a sample for experimentation.

Glad you like the videos @BJ_Dobbs!

It is tedious when having to fix multiple clicks especially in the hundreds.

Using ‘select similar’ can help to highlight the clicks but would need some fine tuning and experimentation.

You described:

This could be quite different to typical vinyl noise. Can you provide a short excerpt?

I’ll work on providing a small aggregate sample.