Clicks/Pops when browsing sounds in media bay - solved easily by hard-coded short fade out.

Wouldn’t need a fade in, because it would be up to the user to have proper fade ins on there samples. But having a hard-coded fade out when switching between sounds so that the start of the next sound isn’t taken away by a loud distracting pop/click from leaving the previous sound would be greatly appreciated.


I’m guessing you must be on a PC.
There’s no way this is an issue on a mac because the damn thing is way too slow to switch sounds quick enough to worry about clicks.
Having it play the next sound before I grow old and die would be an improvement.

Try using your arrow keys to switch sounds instead of mouse clicking, for some reason… arrow keys are quicker for me.

No go with arrows either.

It’s currently a good 25 seconds for scanning to eventually stop when you open any of the media windows - there’s actually 2 scans with a pause in-between.

Then when you click on a folder you want to browse through - it’s then a good 10 seconds for the first 10 items to appear (you get the whirly square) before the full contents of the folder appear.

Then you can browse through your items OK - as long as there is nothing on your master output fader introducing any latency, because the media players don’t compensate for it so it’ll play out of time!

Choose another location to browse - back into the 10 second wait again…

Such a workflow killer.

This is on a freshly fully scanned media folder.

Strange, you’re correct not getting this issue on PC.