Clicks when inserting hardware - intel mac mini + merging anubis - WL 11.0.10

When inserting hardware either through the external effects plugin or via pitch and catch out of a reference track into a track, i get more or less random clicks.
via the anubis i can listen to the audio at different points and i was able to narrow down the area where this happens;
if i listen to the audio being sent out of the reference track - no clicks
if i listen to the audio coming from the hardware into the anubis - no clicks
The clicks only appear when i listen to the track the audio gets back to and then goes to the master.
As i said, it also appears when i insert the external effect plugin on a track . That makes my hardware completely unusable at the moment.
I tested the same setup in ableton and - AGAIN - everything works smooth there.

Sounds like it might be a “clocking” issue. What are you using for your master clock???

Augment the ASIO block size.