Client provided .mov files, C12 won't open them

A client sent me some audio files in .mov format (not uncommon). They open just fine in Logic and Reaper, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get them in to Cubase. Drag-drop didn’t work, import video and import audio from video seemed like they’d work, but nothing happened. Is there something I am doing wrong, or does Cubase just not support this format?

.mov is not an audio format, so Cubase will not see a file with that suffix as being audio only. I’ve only seen files sent like this as a result of user error. It’s unknown what is inside that file unless you check it’s codec and metadata, etc. So what is it?

It is a .mov file containing only PCM audio. Not at all uncommon for me as I received ~800 .mov files from clients (journalists and such) last year. I just drop these in to Reaper, Logic, or RX and they always open right up. Cubase should really have the same functionality.

And again, nothing happens when I select “Import Audio from Video File”. I select the file and click “Open” but nothing is imported. Seems broken.

I understand. So Cubase can’t open it. Are you asking for help opening in Cubase or just making your request known? If the former, what is in the container? I suppose you were not using Cubase for the previous files?

Maybe share one of these files if you can. (via PM if nec.)

.mov is a container and audio only is perfectly valid, as is a number of other tracks MOV supports from timecode to sprites and text, but these don’t see much use these days. If Cu won’t import it, thats a bug :frowning: it should since it will open a MOV with video + sound just fine.

if you are on mac, do you have compressor ? load it and set to export WAV with probably pass through settings but of course check and change if needed. You can do the same with Logic.


You can just drag a .mov onto the arrange page and then delete the blank video track. I’m not on C12 yet so hopefully that’s not broken.

I used to get these .mov “audio” files all the time from clients who were not technically inclined. It started happening when Apple started using their “share” nomenclature for exporting.
If the drag & drop technique doesn’t suit you:
On a mac just double click the file and from Quicktime player select export/audio only.
If you need to do batches, download MediaHuman audio converter. If you’re on PC I’m sure there’s an equally simple solution.
Better still, tutor your clients about the correct way to export their media from their software / devices.
Hope that helps.

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Dragging a .mov in to a Cubase project does not work for me. .mp4 works fine

I don’t mid receiving .mov files from clients as usually that means I’m getting PCM audio. But obviously WAV files are preferred.

Yeah it is an issue with video-less .mov files. If there is video content then they import just fine. But if there is no video content then Cubase seems to get confused.

I am on a Mac. I only really use Cubase for music production. But I just upgraded to C12 and decided to try it for some post editing. Thanks for the tip about compressor. I’ll keep that in mind if I’m ever in a situation where I have to use Cubase and run in to this issue. But for now I’ll stick with Reaper for these jobs due to its flexibility.