Clip Automation/Envelope Node Position reference not working correctly

Past few days I noticed while working in a montage, that in the Inspector window > Clip section > Automation/Envelope the option “Time Relative to End of Clip” for the Position reference is faulty.

When set to this reference option, I cannot apply any manually entered values for the position and I cannot change the value with the arrow keys on the right side of the field (nor with the [Up]/[Down] arrow keys on my keyboard). It seems to affect any type (volume, panorma, effect), and regardless of the the currently set time format of the montage.
Otherwise, it changes to the correct value, when I set the positon of an envelope node on the clip itself.

Just did some quick further testing (time format set to Samples) and found by chance, that I actually can change the value within the Inspector without problem, when the clip is touching the start of the montage (and it has to be the very left, so the “Start of File”, regardless whatever point is defined as ruler origin). But as soon as I move the clip just 1 sample away from the start, things get weird (all statements concern the Position value in the Inspector window):

  • I cannot increase the value with the arrows.
  • I can enter a new value by hand, but it is applied with 1 sample less (an entered 1000 becomes 999).
  • I can decrease the value with the arrows, but each step is 2 samples (it goes from 1000 to 998 to 996 …).

When I move the test clip 2 samples away from the start, this happens:

  • I can “increase” the value with the arrows, but it is actually decreasing by 1 each step (so it goes from 1000 to 999 to 998 …).
  • Each entered value is applied with 2 samples less (an entered 1000 becomes 998).
  • A decrease with the arrows results in a decrease by 3 each step (from 1000 to 997 to 994 …).

With each sample I move the clip further away from the start it makes the result more shifted. So it seems Wavelab is not counting correctly, unless the clip starts at position zero.
The sample rate of the montage or the track on which the clip sits doesn’t seem to matter.

If needed, I can record a short video, to demonstrate it better.

Thanks for the report. I can confirm this is a bug and this needs a fix.