clip based VS regular automation

Which do you use and why? I like that clip based automation gives you a visual feedback of how the size of the waveform is being changed by the automation. Unfortunately my Presonus faderport cant read/write this information. Do you know of any control surfaces that can read/write clip automation data?

I use both…but clip based envelopes aren’t really “automation” per se

Clip-based volume is great for smoothing out wild dynamics or conversely creating major shifts in volume BEFORE hitting the mixer/inserts/etc… its a handy way to edit what’s on “tape” to achieve quickly and precisely what may be a bit more cumbersome to do within the mixer section.

I like to use fader automation once I feel like a a track is “in balance with itself” to make it balance better with the other tracks.

The other disadvantage to clip based is that its not compatible with AAF. AAF will preserve regular automation just fine