Clip Fade in a Montage - Can it be POST Effects Inserts ?

Maybe I’m missing something here ?

I want the fades I place on an individual clip in a Montage to be POST the effects plugins I have inserted on that clip.

At the moment the fade is PRE insert FX Inserts, this screws everything when using any form of dynamics plugin as (obviously) the fade drops the input level to those plugins!

Maybe my workflow is wrong?

Do I have to render the clip with NO fade then bring it back into another montage (with no plugins to then render the fade ? :confused:

Please tell me I’m missing something.

You can switch it either way:

It is a thing of great beauty!
The clip option was staring me in the face, but I still didn’t read it correctly (got my envelope and fade terminology mixed up :blush: ) :laughing:
Toader, Thank you very much for your help it’s appreciated :slight_smile: