Clip gain issue

When adjust the clip gain for large numbers of clips I have found that its possible for some clips to have their gain pushed above 24dB. If you select these clips the gain shows as 24dB but if you bump the clip gain up (I have a key mapped) that number won’t change but the clip will visibly and audibly reduce in volume presumably back down to 24dB of gain. The most annoying part is that I have found when saving and reopening projects that have clips with their gain in this state, their gain will be dropped back to 0dB when reopening the project. I have projects that I have mixed and everything has sound fine, then reopened latter to make changes and found a number of clips with their volumes reduced forcing me to check everything thoroughly before re-exporting the mix. This problem has appeared in older versions of nuendo (certainly 7 and maybe 6) but I only encountered rarely, the projects I am working on now just happen to highlight this issue and I am getting it often. Has anyone else encountered this?


I have a similar issue on Nuendo7 here: I work on sessions that have some audio clips with the gain set to -inf (no waveform visible) and others with normal and different gains (waveform is visible): when editing, if I happen to select both of these clips and raise the gain of both, the -inf clipwill bump up to the maximum loudness while still showing no waveform. So when you play back that part (if you’re not careful enough) you will have an instant and scary burst of noise (the meter shows +100 and must be reset manually before it starts working again); dangerous indeed.

If I’m not mistaken 24dB is the maximum you can gain a clip.

The question is, is this a GUI/visual only bug or the app actually pushing gain above 24dB?

I would recommend creating a test tone file of constant level. Then put that file in the state where the gain appears to be above 24dB. Note the actual output level on the channel meter in realtime, then return the gain to below 24dB.

Does the output level actually change or is it a display/graphic bug?

Here’s a quick test I did and for me its repeatable. Take some tone. Cut it into a few separate regions. Boost one (or more) of the regions by whatever gain, say 10db. Then select all the regions and boost the clip gain to 24db, the 24db limit will only apply to the regions that had the lower clip gain to begin with. Those regions with the clip gain already boosted will now be at a clip gain both visually and audibly above 24db although if you select one of those regions its clip gain will show as 24db when its clearly not. If you adjust the clip gain of one of the boosted regions, say drop it 1db, it will drop from its current clip gain way above 24db done to 23db. If you save the project with some clips in this boosted state above 24db when you reopen the project their clip gain will have dropped down to zero, which means your mix is not how you saved it and means I now have to recheck everything the I reopen to make sure this hasn’t happened.



Just thought I would say a big thank you to Steinberg for fixing this in 8.2, at least to the extent the the clip gain remains at its boosted state when saving and reopening a project, it will save me much potential grief. Now I can more confidently go back to giving the pro stools suite next door s**t for not being able to open AAFs properly.