Clip gain: up/down keyboard cursor feature is gone !!!

I alaways wonder why some usual and handy features which are there since you don’t remember when, are suddenly gone…

When double-clicking on clip gain, simply typing upper or lower cursor on keyboard made gain increase or decrease by steps of 1dB. Super-easy and fast. It’s gone in C9. Why, why in the hell ?

BTW, the feature is still there in N7 !

I just used KCs yesterday to do this (up/down volumes), the same ones I brought over from 7.5.40. So they are still there somewhere!

Yep. Why, indeed. Maybe it’s not intended though- since the arrow up and down keys now navigate left and right in the field. @alexis are you sure you’re talking about the same thing?

Ah, I was referring to KCs I have used since C6.5 (and still do) that allows one to up/down the volume of an audio clip in 1 dBFS increments. Different than what OP was referring to?

The OP’s talking about the volume field in the info line, not the KCs Increment/Decrement Event Volume. In any case, I suppose those are a workaround… old habits are hard to break…

‘increment event volume’ and ‘decrement event volume’ are porbably the best way of incrementing in 1dB steps since you don’t have to double click in the info line ifrst. You just select the event and use the KC. For small steps you can double click on the Volume field in the info line and use Ctrl/Cmd + Up/Down arrows (increments/decrements in 5 cent steps).

Yes, I do like that aspect!

Thanks for the tip, Stingray. Actually, I searched and found these increment.decrement volume in KCs. It does the job but double-clicking and typing arrows didn’t need any look to the keyboard, this was a really fast feature. I tried to setup a shortkey which will work the same I hope…

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

BTW I remember the easiest feature, on Nuendo’s old versions. We didn’t have to double-click, just a simple click and up or down arrow. That’s what I mean, compared to this, it needs two clicks and two keys (I guess) now instead of one click/one key…

I’d got the impression you needed KCs for this but, If you want to use the mouse, try hovering over the volume field on the info line and use the mouse wheel for 1dB steps (and hold Ctrl/Cmd key for 5 cent steps).

Actually I didn’t need any particular KC for that as it worked as is for many years… :wink:

Looks like there’s some lack of coherence. This global feature (double-click in info line, up or down cursor to increment/decrement value by step) is not working anymore for audio clip volume, and for none of the parameters. It doesn’t longer work for a tempo value too.

But it’s still working as usual in key editor window for any selected value (velocity, note etc).

So I guess there’s something wrong somewhere.

BTW I don’t have any mouse, I’m working with with a tablet since so many years, I have to forget about mouse wheel unfortunately…

Yes, regardless of the workaround, arrow up and down in text/numeric fields should increment/decrement. This this involves the Project Window info line generally, not just the clip volume field.

Absolutely Steve. It sounds like something wrong to me. No logical meaning on user side…

Hm… you can still use ctrl-up and ctrl-down to adjust in fractional increments, and the other fields adjust in whole number increments using the same keystrokes, so it is possible the change is intentional.

Maybe you’re right and it’s intentional but it seems weird not having unified controls and features in different windows and I still don’t see the expexcted goal.

I’m back to this lost feature.

The key commands (increment/decrement event volume) which should take place now (I guess…) work way different than the original feature. I’d better say : this feature doesn’t work properly.

Let’s take two cues with different volumes. Increasing both cues volumes together with key command (let’s say +1dB) will put both cues at equal volume (!), based on the first cue initial gain.

  • 1st cue@0dB, 2nd@ +3DB. Increasing +1dB with KC, result : both cues @+1dB
  • 1st cue@-2dB, 2nd cue @+10dB. Increasing +1dB with KC, result : both cues @-1dB.

So, I still don’t understand why the “Click value/up-down cursor” feature has been lost in project window. It worked properly, it’s still active in Cubase 9 Editor window, it’s still active in Nuendo 7 project window.

How it works in C8.5. Selecting a cue, double-click in infoline, up/down arrow then. Selecting both cues increments/decrements cues values while keeping the initial difference.

And how it fails in C9. Look at the cursor behaviour after double-click in infoline. It just goes back and forth when typing up/down, waiting for a value typing input.
And then, using the KC Ctrl/downArrow: both cues gains are unified @ -2dB, instead of respective -2dB/-7dB

That said, you can go to any other C9 window and do the initial way I did in C8.5 : Key Editor, List Editor, Tempo Track Editor… Double-click on any value in infoline and you can directly change this value by hitting up/down arrow, tempo, velocity, pitch etc.

It works everywhere but in the project window. And it works this way too in Nuendo 7… That’s why I think (and I hope) there’s something wrong there.