Clip gain

I am a ProTools thinkng about switching to Nuendo, but I will like to hear if the function clip gain is a part of Nuendo? I use it a lot for mixing and editing and not only on the entire clip but with multipoints. Any one with this knowledge?

Thanks in advance.

No, clip gain does not work as it does in PT. Only the Whole clip in the edit window.

But I tend to chop clips to suitable parts and nudge clip gain of those parts. This way I can have clip gain with “envelope”.
As a matter of fact I use it the same in PT. I hate to edit in PT with clip gain line visible or toggling it on and off all the time.
Too many thing in a too small visual space IMO…

yes, we can do gain clip automation using the pencil tool.
BUT I prefer the solution of Tumppi

Wow, did not know that. Probably will never use it but nice to know just in case.

And it all translates back to Pro Tools if you export your session In AAF format, BIG Warning though, if your planning in cutting in Nuendo and exporting to Pro Toos for the mix, Make sure all your files are in the same sample rate. if your session is 48 and you have files that are 96 or 41k, converting them after the fact will mess up all your edits in the timeline. Otherwise is been rock solid with all the export I’ve done.

Yes, of course you are right. I had forgotten this as it is not very precise. Have used I few times and then forgot about it :laughing: