Clip name visibility


I adressed this topic before. In Post you have ambiences or music or SFX or dialog or whatever files that are sometimes quite long. Now the name of the clip only appears at the beginning of the clip. As the timeline roles the name disappears but not the clip. I’d like to see the clip’s name as long as it is visible.
Thank you.

That would be a nice touch.
Several programs have it, including Logic, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro… but not Pro Tools or Media Composer.

Although you can still use the Info line in Nuendo which is also useful if the clip is too short to display the full name.

I have the same problem with, for example, with the clip volume handle. It sits in the middle of an audio clip. When you zoom in a lot, you have to scroll a ton left and right to get to the clip volume handle and back. Complained about that a long time ago, too. It would be nice if clip names would always be visible no matter how the zoom factor and where in the clip you scrolled too, as well as the clip volume handle.

Absolutely…I need to add one that annoys me the most : the color of the handle . I use very light clip backgrounds and outlined, dark wave forms.The little handle disappear. I have to use the info bar entry.

Try to use shortcuts for clip level. Fast, precise and no problems with short clips or handle color.