Clip pre post compression

I have a clip with a compressor on the clip effects. I’m noticing no matter what gain I set the clip at the compressor levels remain the same. I know I have seen pre/post routing options for clip gain, but I cant remember where. Can someone remind me.

scroll down to

Automation/Envelope (only for Clips)

the third icon to/from the right “Volume/Fades”

regards S-EH

In WaveLab 10 it was different than WaveLab 11 which is what @S-EHansson’s post shows but that is where you determine if Clip Effects are pre or post volume envelope on the Clip in WaveLab 11. In WaveLab 10 it was in the Envelopes Ribbon Tab.

Mine defaults to the envelope being Pre Clip Effects but you can set that in the Preferences.

Aside from the setting for the volume envelope, you can also adjust the clip gain either Pre or Post Clip Effects in the Clips Tab as seen here:

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And this is where you can set the default behavior for new clips:

thanks all for the replies, I am still not being able to achieve the expected results, I may not be explaining myself properly, so heres a video demonstrating my dilemma. pre post clip question

That video was helpful. As far as I know, the fader you’re moving is always after the Clip FX despite the fact that it changes the size of the waveform which is definitely confusing.

I personally keep the Inspector faders at 0dB/Unity, locked, and hidden and never use them.

If you use the Pre Gain setting in the Clips Tab, or set it as shown the attached image so the volume envelope on the Clip itself is before any Clip FX, then you should be able to control the level going into your Clip FX.

I never use that fader you’re showing so I can’t be 100% sure but from what I’m seeing, that fader is always after the Clip FX so changing it will not affect any compression levels when inserted as Clip FX.

yes Justin, I was able to confirm that fader correlates with the post gain in your picture. I didnt notice till just now that if I raise or lower that clip fader it raises and lowers that post gain in the clips tab. That is a mystery solved. And by the same token if I raise or lower that pre gain in the clips tab, it indeed does change the input going into the compressor. Which opens up a few questions for me about setting clip gain in general, but thats another story and another post.
thanks all for the help