Clip Repair - unusable audio quality

Hello Robin,

I have this track which was recorded with too much gain: Dropbox

I have applied the following two processes on it:

  1. Clip Repair: Threshold 0.0 dB, Reconstruction Ratio 100%, Without Limiter
  2. Amplitude → Gain: -4.0 dB

Although the resulting waveform looks good and the peaks are below 0 dB, the audio sounds terrible. It has a sort of constant static noise accompanied with waves of artifacts that repeat with a period of approximately 1.2 seconds.

I have SpectraLayers Pro 10.0.50 on Windows 11. The file is mono WAV 48kHz/24bit. I have tested the standalone application as well as the ARA extension in Cubase, with the same results.

Could something be done about it?

Thank you and best regards

Can you upload the end result and screenshot the static noise that you see ?

Regarding the constant noise, I cannot locate it in the graph. However, the repeating noise bursts are clearly audible and also visible on the graph. Here I have highlighted the third of those bursts:

And here is the resulting audio file: Dropbox