Clip Tools Feature Request

Could key-shortcuts be added that, when selected, force different clip tools to appear under the mouse? For example, when zoomed out on a dense Montage you want to select and move a clip, but it’s difficult to get the correct tool to appear. It’d be so convenient to push a keyboard combo/shortcut and force the tool, like how Pro Tools uses F keys, rather than mousing around until it appears or having to zoom in/up to access the needed tool. I’m not a good explainer but hopefully this describes this ask.

I rather like the idea, but on the other hand, why not zoom in to better select the mouse?

Hi Philippe, sorry for my slow response. A contextual example: Say there’s a stereo and 3 ref tracks for a 12 song album. I’m asked to revise 3 songs (redo DAAD - Ref. output St. track input). While zoomed out to view all 12 songs and 4 tracks, quickly being able to drag un-needed clips beyond the 12 song sequence, to a ref. track for safekeeping, is faster/easier than zooming in to get the drag tool to appear under the mouse. Plus, once zoomed in you can’t see the entire timeline, nor location, you’d like to drag the clip to. The more dense a Montage is, the further zoomed out you are, the more difficult it becomes to access tools under the mouse over clips. Forcing the tool needed would make zoomed out, crude editing far faster. At least it would for how I work sometimes.