clipped recording using line6 firehawk FX

Hi Everybody. First post here. I’m guitar player with no recording experience. I would like to learn basic about homerecording, so I decided to download cubase elements 9.5.
Actually my rig is very simple:
Guitar → Line6 Firehawk FX (multi effect pedal board that works also as external USB sound card) → USB cable to my Desktop PC with Windows.
Connected pedalboard also to a mixer with 2 XLR cables → mixer to 2 Tannoy 402.

Installed ASIO Firehawk drivers. Cubase read correctly my pedalboard as soundcard.
the mixer has no red clip lit while I’m playing.
I’ve done my first record test but is awful. The track is clipped (first track of attachment)
Opened the Mix control and lowered the Input volume. Result is the second track of the attachment: a low volume clipped track.

Anyone has any kind of experience using Firehawk for recording?

Thank you in advance for the help!


Firehawk just update

Hi and welcome,

It’s clipped already on the input. Decrease the volume on your Audio Device Input, please.