Clipping Inserts and True Bypass

Hey all,

I have a couple of questions. Does Cubase have a feature where plugins which have clipped show? Similar to what PT has had for so long.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that although plugins (Waves Vocal Rider and Waves Tune) are bypassed, the delay they would cause is still there. My example here is a vocalist getting a zero latency monitor of their voice along with a Cubase generated low latency reverb (monitor input on, FX send to reverb which is given a dedicated output). When the plugins mentioned are on, there is an off putting delay but when bypassed, the delay is still there. When the plugins are removed, there is no issue. The reverb for the vocalist foldback gets messed up by the delay issue. I’d have thought the bypass would have been a true bypass. Any thoughts?


Nevertheless it delays the complete signal chain as long as delay compensation is not constrained.

I think the logic is that bypass retains the latency compensation (and therefore the latency of the plug) for quick comparison of the effect without glitching due to latency being recalculated.

So as Peakae says use the on/off in this case.
In the inserts panel of mixer or inspector use Alt-click to turn off instead of bypass.

Does it have anything to do with the “feature” of getting rid of the buttons in the insert section. Weren’t there three in Cubase 6? ON, Bypass and Edit? Only going off memory as I am not at the studio.