clipping issue / maybe audio interface issue


I am using cubase 7.5 on my new macbook pro. I am using a behringer uphoria 2x2 interface. I am having an issue whenever I use any of the audio inputs. I have plugged my electric guitar into the #2 slot in the interface, and have my busses set up correctly. The uphoria only supports mono input, so my bus setup for input is mono - right, and output is stereo output. The problem is in clipping. The levels show up CONSTANTLY at clip, whether I am playing or not. When I do play anything on the guitar, a nasty hiss/crackle comes through the headphones. The problem is not my guitar. If I enable direct monitoring on the interface, the audio comes through fine. I have tried all different buffer settings.

Thanks, mitch.

Hey Mitch,

I think enchantvoice is, perhaps, thinking of active pickups. But it can’t be the guitar if the signal sounds fine when you direct-monitor. My first hunch is a feedback loop, but I need more info.

You say the signal is clipping “CONSTANTLY”, even when you’re not playing. “Clipping,” just so were speaking the same language here, means “overload,” i.e., the input signal is completely filling the digital meters and is going over 0dB. This is also very loud.
Whereas “Distortion,” can sound nasty and crackly, it can be any level whatsoever. Distortion does not necessarily mean clipping.

So are you clipping or distorting? (I’m not being a nitpick. This is important)

A few questions:

  1. Does the Behringer come with a software mixer/matrix? There could be a feedback loop.

  2. Let’s focus on clipping: can you hear this signal when you’re not playing? If it’s “constantly clipping,” you should hear an appallingly loud signal, no? If so, what does it sound like?

If you don’t hear this clipped signal, then my second hunch would be that it’s something digital. Perhaps USB-related.

  1. Can you screenshot both the fully-expanded VST connections window (so we can see the hardware input and output ports) and the Project window (showing the ins and outs)?

  2. what actually gets recorded to Cubase when you record? The clipped signal? The crackly guitar? Anything?

  3. Are you running any insert or send plugins on this track you’re trying to record to/monitor from? Like an amp sim?

With some more info, we’ll get 'er figured out. [emoji5]

Thanks for the responses.
To answer the questions, here they are :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it is distorting or clipping. You cannot tell that it is a guitar playing by listening to it in playback. It sounds just like a crackly mess.

  1. The behringer website for the UPHORIA said that a mac does NOT need to install a driver for the USB interface.
  2. I do not hear anything until I play something on the guitar. Once I do play something on the guitar, a couple seconds later a nasty crackling sound will come through the speakers/headphones.
  3. Attached (Even in stereo input mode, it still is the same)
  4. I believe the clipped signal. Nothing comes through until I play the guitar, but the meter is ALWAYS at clip.
  5. There are no plugins, sends, or inserts.

Can I please get some help? I cannot find a solution.

You might have better luck at the manufacturer’s forum.

That’s odd, I thought I posted another reply after my first. Guess something glitched out! Here’s what I wanted to post:

I don’t know anything about your interface our its ports, but your outputs in VST Connections seem to be mapped to your inputs, causing a feedback loop.

Your outputs are “Left Front” and “Right Front,” but. looking at the interface online, your outputs are at the rear. You must have other choices for outputs. If not, then call Behringer.

I found the problem, sorry for the waste of time.

It was because of the update to Mac 10.10.1 broke Cubase if you were trying to update Cubase from 7.0 to 7.5.3.
My mac OS was not compatible with Cubase 7.0. (Weird because I have the latest OS)

For anyone else having issues, here is the link to go to.

Oh wow. LOL. Yeah, anything can happen with 10.10 until Steinberg makesa patch.

But what about your outputs being the same as your inputs? That can’t be right.

I think that could’ve been a problem, but using the installer tool and the update fixed the problem for me.

Great! Happy hunting!