Clips to new tracks

I’ve been trying to find a command for this… PLACE SELECTED CLIPS ONTO NEW TRACKS

I have to final mix a video project and the video editor has placed all sorts of clips (music, sfx, etc) on the same tracks. Is there a way I can highlight all the clips and hit a command to place the clips on new tracks?

Thanks in advance,

aaaahhhhh… video editors… I guess we should be happy they still give us work to do!

I don’t know of a key command like that, but I’m sure you can put together a macro. I would guess you’d have to do something like;

select the correct clips
set playback head to first clip (maybe?)
step down to select next track (or up)

That’d remove all the clips from your selected track and move them to the adjacent one. I’m guessing that you’d then have to rearrange the tracks to get this done for the next ‘type’ of audio… and then again…

Personally I’d just drag it with the cursor since I’ve just used it to select all the clips anyways…

Yip, the video editors… :wink:

Thanks for the Macro idea. Much appreciated…

What I mostly do is simply duplicate the track - then delete the first clip on the copied track - then delete all the clips except the first one on the original track - I keep doing this process until everything is on it’s own track. BUT, if you don’t keep really focused it’s easy to delete the wrong clips, etc… (I just did that on one of the first tracks I ‘unpacked’ and had to start all over again!!! Grrrr! Idiot!!)

I think a function for this would be a great addition for editing.

You should just be able to select and drag to a place below the last track and new tracks will be created with the selected events.

Agreed, but dragging is things around on a 120min 80 track project can get really, really messy - even with grids and cross hair… I find the ‘copy and delete’ system a little safer and quicker for me. :wink:

Thanks for the input…

So, Steinberg, here’s another FR - ‘SELECTED CLIPS TO NEW TRACKS’

Use the modifiers to constrain direction as well as grouping events and it becomes more manageable.