Cloner delay issue / bug

CLONER on cubase appears to be causing a delay (> 50ms) even when BYPASSED, and the delay only goes away when DEACTIVATED.

I found this on vocals next to a guitar - the bleed from the mic was causing a “Flam” and the voice sounded strangely out of time

I recorded the same guitar in two channels saw in the wave form editor they where sample accurate but still “Flamming”
So I BYPASSED all plugins, then I DEACTIVATED them - that was when the CLONER came up as the problem
Easy to recreate the problem :bulb:

I would be interested if others have found this
Or maybe it’s an old bug - that everyone knew about!!

David - trying to make that hit recording … still

Bypass retains any latency introduced by any plugin.
Turn plugins off if you want to prevent that.
I suspect it has to do with the latency calculations does not have to happen (no audible artifacts) when using bypass.

Ok thanks for that - The delay is so large it causes the vocals to be out of time - shocking

I’m actually finding that playback starts 50ms or so early with the cloner plugin only while it is muted. When it is unmuted…it’s fine or when it is deactivated. I have only just noticed this problem after the recent patch update