Cloning C drive

Hi, I’ve just cloned my C drive using AOMEI backupper ( free version) and the destination drive shows less Gigabytes than the original drive :confused:
is this normal? I’ve sent an inquiry to AOMEI support but I’m not expecting an answer very quickly so thought I’d try here…

or is there a better way to clone?

cheers for any help,

Macrium reflect free - unbeatable.

cheers, I’ll give it a look… :slight_smile:

I’ve used it a couple of times as well with good results.

I always test out my clone by pointing the computer to start up from the clone. Can you try that?

I did wonder about trying that but was worried about the fact that the sizes are different and just thought something bad might happen,
I’ve had a reply from AOMEI and they say it’s not normal to have a different size clone and asked me to send them various screen shots of stuff so waiting for further instructions, will see where this goes before trying reflect…
thanks for the input… :slight_smile:

So just used Macrium Reflect and got the same result…the target drive shows 336GB free and the source drive shows 326GB free…this is not correct is it?
wish I knew what the heck is going on :frowning:

Mine are different sizes too, but the clone can be used to start up and run the computer nonetheless, no prob.

OH…so your not worried about the size being different…I was just worried that something was wrong, I’ll stop worrying then…thanks :slight_smile:

Turns out that the discrepancy between sizes is because the pagefile.sys and system volume info is not copied…
thought you might like to know… :slight_smile:

Hi How did you boot from your clone? do you have to unplug the source disc? I’m unable to boot from my clone at the moment. :confused: :confused:

When I made my clone I used Macrium and did it while my computer was on, one of the great things about that software. I then physically disconnected my original system drive and replaced it with the clone and rebooted.

You would either have to change drives physically or I would think change the boot sequence in BIOS.

Just changing the boot sequence in BIOS should be enough to test your clone.

OK thank you, I tried going into the boot menu, I have 4 HD’s and it was difficult to know which was which so tried them all and got bootmgr is missing on all 'cept the main C drive…this presumably means it would be a waste of time unplugging the main C drive if bootmgr is missing from the others :confused:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Did it get cloned properly though?

I’d probably try to disconnect anyway.

nothing to indicate that it didn’t…disconnecting the C drive to see if my puter recognizes the other drive is my next option,

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: