Close automation = Close folders.. why ?


when i do “Hide All Automation” not only it hides the lanes where the volume is displayed but it close the folders where the automated tracks are… and other folders with “no” reason. Is there a setting for that ? because i don’t see the reason it works this way.

This has been an issue for ages, and much reported.
I don’t know why Steinberg doesn’t look into (all these) small things which “need some maintenance”…
Sorry that I can’t be of any help…

Niek/ Amsterdam.


Cubase users have complained about this for a very long time, too. Seems like a simple fix, though I don’t know programming so I can’t say. It sure would save very gigantic amounts of time in my big scoring projects.

My hope is that for the next round of Cubase and Nuendo (I’ll be switching back over to Nuendo in May when the release times of both are finally closer), things like this that very much hinder speed and workflow for many of us will be paid attention to. With Cubase 9.5 they did a good job starting that ball rolling, and my very sincere hope is that it continues very strongly because it will only serve to make a more satisfied user base!

I just tested this in Nuendo 8.1.10 and Cubase 9.5.20, and it worked correctly.

edit: I also tried it in 9.0.40, can you write a repro sequence? Here on the latest releases Hide All Automation does only that, and doesn’t close folders. (though I do seem to remember the bug and discussion)

The bug appears when you have a group track inside the folder, if there is no group track or fx track everything works fine, and yes, I can understand why SB don’t fix this simple bug.

just tested this in Nuendo 8.1.10…and it worked correctly.

I am on 8.1.10 as well and on my system it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to work (explanation below)

The bug appears when you have a group track inside the folder, if there is no group track or fx track everything works fine

You’re right: if there’s anything else than just audio tracks in your folder, e.g. groups or fx-returns, the bug appears…

So the repro would be, (for the record…)

  • put a group track in a folder with some other tracks, leave the folder open
  • open automation lanes
  • do Hide All Automation
    =folders close

also, there is problem with multi-out instrument tracks inside folders, not only groups.

Okay, I’ll add to the list, I guess this applies to any track with returns: FX, Group, Multi-out inst tracks, Rack instruments. If I missed a track type lemme know. Then I’ll report it. Can’t hurt to re-report with an easy repro.

  • in a folder with some other tracks add
  • a group or fx track, or a Track or Rack inst with multi outs (and leave the folder open)
  • open automation lanes
  • do Hide All Automation
    =folders close

… why not solving this in nuendo 8.3 ?
i don’t understanf if anyone likes how this works. maybe i miss something and it makes sense for someone out there.
Els… i don’t understand why this is not solved in 8.3 already !

i use a macro and project logical editor to
open all used automation
then container type is equal foldertrack / track operation folder open / function transform

problem it opens all folders even those i want to stay close because it’s archive or hidden tracks i close not to bother me…

there’s no workaround that’s perfect. this has to be fixed