Hiya Ari, hope all is well :sunglasses:
I liked this song very much. Well put together :sunglasses:

Sounds clean, well balanced, and well mixed on my speakers. Beat does make you want to move, and I can make up what the words mean! Thanks for putting it up for us to listen to.

Hi Phil! Long time no cheese.


Thanks. I guess there are too many (at least some unnecessary) guitar tracks at the moment. I have mostly tossed away amp sims, it is so much more rewarding to record amp and the room. There are some irritating highs present in those sims and also in some other plugs. Maybe it is a user error but I like to work this way.

Hey Ari
Nice to see you posting again. This sounds good - and is quite different from what I’ve heard from you before.
It’s always nice to try new things. Like your voice - though I couldn’t understand a word. :slight_smile:


Hi Ari!

This is toe-tappingly tasty!


Yeah…nice. :slight_smile: Good sounding mix, though I’d pull the vocal up a tad, even though I don’t understand a word it could still be a bit louder I thought.


Hi Lenny. Yeah, in Feb I seriously thought that there will never be enough time in my hands to do any music anymore, but luckily things change. By the way, do you play fretless and if so, would you like to help me with one acoustic track?

Hello Jet! How’s it sliding? Would need your guitar sometime soon…

Thanks. I concur, the vocal needs some work, too!

Hi Ari !

For me vox are too far behind, cannot hear the words. And I’d ditch claps… Tune is nice and it is still Kaseva heritage :slight_smile: love the voice & articulation.


Hi braunie. Very useful comments, thank you.

I had at first listening thought the same, but then appreciated
the new sound at least indicated song development, like an
aural milestone, something I’m conscious of in every project.
So, whether claps or whistles, maybe put something in
there for variety?


Lovely track Arimus, very uplifting :smiley:
The chorus is really cool, shame it’s so short! (or you could do it again at another point in the song maybe?)

I was listening through my headphones and thought the rhythm guitar panned to the left got a bit tiring after a while. No other complaints though, welld done!

Hi Ari,

I like it, but I agree about the vocal, you need to crank it up.

Nice groove, makes my feet move as well! :sunglasses:


Agreed re: the vocal. I’d also dial the bass back by 2-3 dBs. I don’t have a subwoofer and the bass is loud enough to crowd everything else out save for the snare drum.

But the song is definitely uplifting. I like it a lot!

Thanks for your comments. I uploaded a new version.

Sounds great, tight and smooth. Like the hole 2/3 in and the tambourine over the last third.