Closing a project

I would appreciate it if someone can kindly tell me how to shut down a project or “project closed”. I use a Desktop iMac
Thank you.

to close a project (without quitting Dorico) please try the shortcut

Or you can always click the red button in the upper-left corner of the window. You will be prompted to save any changes (as usual with Mac for the past 40 years).

Dear k-b:

Thanks for your help with Cmd+Shift+W.

It worked.


You can see the command and the key combination in the File menu:

It doesn’t use the “traditional” Command W because a Dorico project can have many windows or tabs open, so Command W closes a window or tab, but it doesn’t close the last window. This is actually the same as other Mac apps, including Safari:

… though this can vary, depending on how you’ve set up tabs and windows in System Settings.