Closing mixer window with Enter or Return

Hi folks,

I am looking for a possibility to close the mixer window with “Return” or “Enter” like
the closing commands in Cubase 6.5.

Normal keycommands seem to malfunction (because of the nature of the enter-button function ?).

What alternative do you know ?

Is the Return key assigned to the Key Command “Open/Close editors”? Here, that does do what it says.

I can either close the editors windows with “return” or close the mixer window.
In the former versions of Cubase “Return” also closed the mixer window.

Is there any possibility to double-assign a single key command?

For example: “Return” closes editor window and mixer window. This function would help me.

Pressing the same key command that opens the Mixer will close it

The answers suggest that no one has really read my post.

So I would like to describe my question again:

I want to close the mixer window with “Return” or “Enter”, NOT with F3 or another key.
What possibilities do I have to to exactly this?

I would have thought you’d have to go to the key commands and if possible remove the current commands from the enter key which will be quite a few ( opening sample editor and midi key editor are two that spring to mind) and then if possible assign the now unused enter key to the mixer.


I would rather have any window with focus close on ESC, but thats just me.