Closing the lid when Dorico is running while the laptop is connected to its power supply


Closing the lid when Dorico 4 is running while the laptop is plugged in does not put the laptop to sleep.
I know that Dorico does not allow the computer to sleep automatically according to the setting in System Preferences (or Control Panel). However, is there a way to put the computer to sleep by closing the laptop lid?
How does Dorico 5 react in the same case?

I assume you are on Windows.

I’ve configured my laptop to go into hibernate mode, not sleep, when I close it and that works perfectly fine in Dorico 5. I can resume the computer and Dorico 5 is still working as before.

It didn’t work the same way in Dorico 4, there Dorico was basically hanging after resume the laptop. This effect is gone since the upgrade to Dorico 5.


Usually Windows does what you (or the default) have instructed it to do… Here it does absolutely nothing when I close the lid!

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I wouldn’t assume that. Dorico, even if minimized, prevents the display from my Mac Studio from sleepiing.

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This is the sleep configuration, I’m talking about hibernate mode. Hibernate takes a bit longer to stop and to start, but it allows all applications to keep active.

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Well, this is the “close lid” configuration (and others) where you can define what you want to do: shut down, sleep, or nothing…

But I agree with you about the hibernate mode!

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I don’t know how a Mac is configured, but I guess you can also configure Hibernate mode.

Just to be clear, hibernate is NOT sleep mode. In sleep mode the operating system is kept active in memory and then everything is hold in the current state. This is consuming power, even while the computer is closed.

In Hibernate mode the memory content is saved to disk and then the computer is stopped. This takes a bit longer on stop and start (depending on the size of the builtin memory), but it will restart the machine exactly in the state when it was stopped.

Using sleep mode I have the problem that my audio connection (a UR44C) often doesn’t respond anymore after resume. Coming back from hibernate is no problem, it works as before the stop.

I’m not talking about actual sleep/hibernate. I mean it forces the display ON (e.g. displaying the screen) rather than going black and turning the backlight off after 10-15 minutes of idle time.

The functionality works as designed as long as Dorico isn’t running, so it isn’t some kind of hardware or OS issue. I think it has to do with Dorico never allowing the VSTAudioEngine process to suspend/idle.

But that is the question of the OP, so that is what I described.

That is a different story and yes, that is the same what I see here.

On mac they’re related. The display time out drives it, then you can optionally have the display power off sleep the machine. I don’t have that turned on, but if I did this would absolutely prevent the machine from ever sleeping.

I use Dorico on several machines including Window 11, Mojave (intel), Monterey (M1) and Ventura (intel). I mainly use Monterey (M1). Dorico’s sound engine is designed to prevent the computer from going to sleep if I remember correctly. However, I do not understand why Dorico would prevent the machine from going to sleep when the lid is closed. If Dorico 5 allows the computer to go to sleep when the lid is closed, then it is worth upgrading.

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The really annoying thing is that this used to not be the case. Prior to 3.5 an option called 'Release Audio Engine in Background". For reasons @dspreadybury never articulated, this was removed in 3.5.

Wouldn’t be a total fix, but it would be good for those of us that sometimes leave dorico minimized for an extended period.