Closing Time

Why does it take 3-4 minutes to CLOSE out of a file in Cubase Artist 10, and 6-7 minutes to EXIT out of the program completely?


Hard to say without an analyses at your system.

What plug-ins do you use? Is it the same if you quit directly from Steinberg Hub? Is it the same if you create an empty project? Is it the same, if you create a project from your own template (if you use any) but you don’t start to work yet?

What can you see in the Task Manager while close project or quit Cubase? Can you observe something interesting there?

It happens forever in cubase, since version 4 I believe,
steinberg’s usually response about this is “it doesn’t hurt anything”

Possible causes:
Cracked plugins
Old/faulty/outdated plugins
Too much plugins installed
Outdated O.S.
Buggy O.S. updates
Faulty audio drivers
Logical or physical problems in the hard drive
Missing files in the audio pool
Among others

In a healthy system Cubase opens and closes in seconds.

There might be a small chance that it’s the same issue as this: