Cloud based E-Lincenser

Having a cloud where you can access all your licensis. So where ever you are you can download the license from your cloud to the computer that you are working on or to a random flash drive if needed (or for backup).

+1 !!!

Take your steinberg key where ever you go, you can use your Cubase where ever in the world you go.

No worries about internet access - just plug the key in.

Why make it any more complicated than that?


+1 No need to get dependent on having internet access - if ever you wanted it on while working in a DAW…

I would imagine that having a “cloud license” system would make piracy easier.

Think about it:

One password for (looks at Steinber’s current product offerings…too much math) several thousand dollars worth of licenses. Someone gets that password (especially since so many people have one password for everything), what’s Steinberg to do?

Flash drives can easily be copied.

They could implement several different security measures to negate these flaws, but is it worth it?
Steinberg already has a portable license system (the USB e-licenser) that is proprietary (can only be read by e-licenser control center). If it gets lost, they can replace the licenses. This however, has to go through humans. Why spend money for redundancy?

And put a nice picture of a cloud on it. Job done. :wink:

Piracy is a concern not just in the sense that people could break into someones cloud but many would volunteer the use of their licenses to their friends through their cloud. A physical dongle ensures only one system running the software at a time.

The guys from WAVES use a cloud based service in the new waves version 9. The cloud is place where your licenses are stored like a backup you don,t have touches it every time you use cubase or whatever plugin. The cloud based service is more a place where you can download you licenses from if you need to download a licesis from to install it to other computer that you r working on at the time. whonse it,s installed on the computer so uo don,t have to use a usb stick. bud if you want you can down load to a random stick if you want if you don,t have internet access.