Club Cubase Google Hangout

So how can you get some advance warning about when Club Cubase Google Hangout will occur? I get the notifications from YouTube by e-mail when they start, but I usually don’t see those in time to watch live.
Is there a separate mailing list to get a day or so warning or is there a schedule somewhere? Do I need to send Greg a 6-pack or something? :wink:
And please don’t tell me they only post this on Fakebook.

same here gmail acc linked .
however time issue is a bummer as I live in Europe and Greg s posts are usually US Time zone.
try Writing to Greg Ondo he is always working on something but is so cool he generally will try his hardest to get back to you…
one of the good guys and has been for years.
also try a notification permission on your smartphone…
good luck .
ps if you have a question for CCB mail it to him and wait till he includes it in his vblog

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have an e-mail for Greg?

Sorry I don’t !
I did have but that was ages ago
if you check out his youtube post from about a year ago I think it was the one about click track using groove agent (Cubase 8.5 I think )
he gives his email address out on it.
if not I know he is on here and may well get in touch whith you if he reads this thread.
you could also try a user search on the forum and send him a private message
or post a thread like Greg Ondo pls read this .
are you able to reach club Cubase via Facebook /twitter etc ? then try that

OK, thanks. I’ll look for the post.
Hate Facebook. Got off there 10 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Hi Everyone
Hit the notification bell,on Google hangouts,via Youtube

Hi. Yeah, I have that enabled but those don’t seem to come out until it starts, and I usually don’t see it until it’s over. I would like to get notification the day before or something like that.

Have you checked your email prefs,in Youtube?
n case you miss a Hangout,they are recorded and posted onto the Cubase channel more or less soon after

Thanks for the replies, but I have that enabled. It doesn’t send a notification until the session starts or right before. I’d like to get notification a DAY before if possible. Right now the title of the notifications is “ClubCubase is now Live!”. I watch them after broadcast which is OK, but I’d like to be able to ask questions and participate.

What would be nice would be if they could post it under notifications on here the day before and that would give advance notice. Failing that perhaps we could sign up for notice by e-mailed? I guess I should post this under the request sub-topic.

Thanks for the suggestion. Under last January’s session I found this:

I sent an e-mail and also posted under Feature Requests.

cool !
hope it works out for you

How much advance notice do they give on Facebook, do you know?

no I don’t sorry I am an avid Facebook hater other than when I want to sell or advertise something lol.
however Google Hangouts usually pings me a day beforehand
not that is any use to me as I live in central Europe and when these things are aired its way past bed time hihi .
I used to wait up but it takes for ever to get started up to 10 mins sometimes I usually end up falling asleep and missing it… thankfully it is stored to archive so its available always.