Clubhouse via mic, headphones, iRig and audio interface

Hi there,

I use Clubhouse a lot and bought an iRig recently to use my headphones as well as my Aston Origin XLR microphone accordingly. I was able to connect it correctly (I’m no professional btw) but still have the problem that there’s some kind of backcoupling (when others speak my profile blinks nevertheless). Somebody told me I have to adjust “Mix Minus” on my UR22 mk II to avoid that but to be honest, I have absolutely no clue where and how to do that. Can anybody help me with that? Is there a tool that was installed together with the audio interface I didn’t notice?

Thanks a lot

Just received an answer from a pro on Youtube. My Steinberg is useless for this purpose he told me. So I’m going to find another piece of hardware that does the magic for me