Cluster Notation and Playback

Hi, I have a problem related to cluster notation. I saw that there are some posts on the subject, but they didn’t seem to be able to solve my problem.

So, the thing is that when I want to notate a Cluster I simply change the standard note head to rectangular note head. This type of notation is fine for me, as I don’t have to distinguish between different types of Cluster, so I only have to specify the upper and lower pitch.
The appearance is therefore as follows:

In this case I have only entered the notes A2 and C3. Now the problem starts with the playback. If I want to hear all the notes within this range, I have to enter them manually. Something like this:
Screenshot 2023-06-16 alle 10.08.20

Then I hide the note heads and the stem
Screenshot 2023-06-16 alle 11.16.04

and add a vertical line to create the stem manually. This workflow is not ideal but it works, as long as the cluster does not have a staccato. In this case, I have not figured out how to hide a staccato point from a single note belonging to a chord.

So, the thing that would make everything easier would be the option of not splitting stems with multiple altered unisons (like the second screenshot I posted). With a single altered unison you can choose between single stem and split stem, but apparently not when it comes to multiple altered unisons… Is there a way to do thit?

In order to have notes play back that aren’t notated, in Dorico 4, you could add the extra notes in another voice which might make them easier to hide and reduce the impact on your “shown” voice?

In Dorico 5, there’s a new “MIDI trigger regions” feature, which allows you to specify notes for playback that aren’t notated at all, they only “exist” within the region that is visible within Dorico but isn’t printed/exported visually unless you explicitly include annotations. Here’s a video about it:

Ciao Lillie,
Thanks for your quick reply. Actually the first option works fine, although there is a bit of engraving work to do. I will check the second suggestion as soon as I buy Dorico 5 :wink: