Cluster notehead sets - library to share?

Before I embark on creating my own piano cluster notehead sets out of SMuFL glyphs, I’m just wondering whether anyone has already done this and is willing to share their library here…

I want to make a set of cluster 2nds, 3rds, and toolsets for quick creation of 4ths and bigger.


Not sure how they translate and if I used some of my own fonts. Can’t remember. Maybe can get you started though.


Clusters.dorico (487.6 KB)

Should look like this:


Thanks! The sets are helpful but this is indeed a font that I don’t have (for everything in the treble clef). Do you recall which font?

Those glyphs are all in the Bravura spec, but that file does want a “Clusters” font that I have not heard of, and it doesn’t work to substitute Bravura.

So in other words I could put the same glyphs from Bravura into the correct sets?

That works… although if anyone knows of a font with a more complete set of cluster glyphs I’d be curious.

I might have made this myself or found it somewhere. Not sure.
Was a long time ago.
Jesper (6.9 KB)

That works, at least for now. Thank you!