CMC-AI AI Controller cubase 7

I just bought an CMC-AI AI Controller for my cubase 7, but it was only delevered without the instriction CD and drivers and manual…so whewn I plug it inn (USB), nothing happens–only some lights on the CMC-AI AI Controller came on, where can I find a guide, and how do I conect it (software) to the cubas 7 so I can use it With it… :frowning:
senserly from the North
Jarleiceman PLEASE HELP ME :smiley: :sunglasses:

"My equempent: PB, 1.6 x 2 Ghz, 1Tb, 8GB, Win 8,1 (64), Cubase 7 (64), sound: Steinberg UR22, MIDI:M-Audio Keystation 29e USB, and New driver for all of it)

Thanks for info.


if this problem is still relevant to you, please post your request into the CMC hardware forum.

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