CMC AI (arrow knobs multi-function)

On the cmc Ai controller you have 2 arrow knobs that are normally used to go thru the browser. I like to see a software update that allows the 2 arrow knobs to be also use to change channel. So when the browser is opened you use the arrow knobs to go thru the browser ant when the browser is closed the arrow knobs is use to change channel. I can say that every other cmc controller that has these arrow knobs allow the arrow knobs to use to change channel.



How would they implement this?

There is no “shift” button on the AI.

They’d have to reprogram Cubase to do this (respond to different MIDI messages based on focused window).

I just want a solid anwser from steinberg about this subject ant if its posible becuse this wood be a nice editional fucntion to the ai controller.

Most likely, it’s not possible.

A software update can’t change the functions of the buttons.

ant a firmware update

Firmware update wouldn’t do it because then they’d have to ditch the browser functionality.

Here’s my opinion on the functionality of the CMC-AI:

It’s primarily designed for plugin control.
Would make sense then to have browser cursor control, not track selection control.

You can set this up easily yourself with a Generic remote template, see the below screenshot:

Now, when you open the browser (by clicking the AI Knob), the arrows will still only be used for navigation within it. As soon as you close this and are back in the main project window, you can use the arrow buttons to change channels.

No need for “reprogramming Cubase”… :wink:

This reply is for shinta215

How are you so shure that it,s not possible ,WHE CAN SENT A MEN TO THE MOON BUD CAN,T MAKE THIS HAPPEN!.

james tnl

I got to say thanks :slight_smile:

Software wise, they’d have to rewrite the extension for Cubase.
Firmware wise, they’d have to re-spec the unit, removing browser functionality.
Business wise, it may not be a good investment of time and money to do either. There are other CMC units better suited to the role of channel control. The AI is not one of them.

As I stated before, the AI controller is mostly for plugin control, not channel control.
It doesn’t make sense to have channel switching functionality on a controller that you’re going to reach for when you want to change something like resonance in a plugin.

If you want channel switching functionality, why not program one of the user assignable keys to it?

Don’t forget that a German made that happen. :wink:

If steinberg whant to rewrite the ext. let them better for me ant other users. Do you speak for steinberg ant why are you taking it so personal that its not possible. the qeustion was just a shoutout to steinberg that it wood be nice if this was edit nothing more or less just that.

Just my 2 cents:

I can understand if Steinberg initially left the channel switching out. Like Shinta215 suggests, Steinberg made those buttons on device with the browser navigation in mind. On the other hand, I can understand the need/use for it to be able to assign those buttons to other functions as Marcus82 suggests. It should be relatively easy for Steinberg to implement, if they feel the user demand for it warrants the time to invest in implementing it.

I feel it should be easy enough to implement by modifying the CMC extension software, as it’s functionality is basicly built in Cubase itself…and I’ve shown the same functionality can be set-up very easily via the Generic Remote controls (and it offers exactly the behaviour Marcus82 is requesting).

If steinberg can map a rotary encoder dynamicly to a parameter just by hovering a mousepointer above the that specific parameter, than this (changing behaviour based on window focus) should be a breeze…in that sense I feel that Shinta215 is either underestimating Steinberg, or overestimating the functionality. :wink:

I am doing neither.

When you pointed out the generic remote solution, I changed my “technically impossible” to “is is wise in a business sense?”.

So we agree there.