CMC-AI as Generic Remote and native device simultaneously

I used to be able to use the CMC-AI both as a native CMC-AI device and a Generic Remote device at the same time.
However, Cubase 7 seems to have broken this functionality.

Now I can only assign Generic Remote functions to the CMC-AI if I delete the native CMC-AI device under: Devices -> Device Setup -> Remote Devices. But this is useless, as I need both native and Generic Remote funtions at the same time.

I need to assign a specific function to the F3 key on the CMC-AI (open an insert on a certain channel) which is only possible through Generic Remote.

Why have you removed this functionality Steinberg?!

P.S.: To work around the issue a bit, I tried to emulate the jog wheel of the CMC-AI rotary knob through generic remote (Transport -> Device -> Jog) - as that is one of the native CMC-AI functions I use a lot.
But instead of functioning as a jog wheel, it’s scrubbing… :S

Solved it, sort of…

The problem is related to a bug I reported about 18 months ago (to which I got no official reply from Steinberg…big surprise :unamused: ) in this thread.

Anytime you so much touch anything in the CMC-AI template editor in: Devices -> Device Setup -> Remote Devices, you need to go to Devices -> Device Setup -> Remote Devices -> Your Generic Remote template and press the ‘reset’ button to get it working. This also needs to be done manually everytime you start Cubase.

Would be nice if Steinberg at some point decided to fix their buggy implementation of Generic Remote in conjuction with (their OWN!) CMC controllers in their (OWN!) Software…