CMC-AI Jog Mode - Cubase Pro 8

How do I adjust the value of each tick on the jog knob? Currently, each clockwise tick advances the cursor from to, which is not very helpful. For instance, to would make a lot more sense. I am using the controller with Cubase Pro 8.

Indeed, it would be really great if we can move with the jog wheel by beats or according to quantize grid.

Any news to this? I am desperately looking for the same function.
I know this thread is almost 12 months old, but is there someone who can tell about having solved this challenge?



I have the same issue but I just found this in an old forum post:

“I came up with a workaround: the F1 & F2 buttons on my CMC-AI are now nudge cursor left/right. It works for me ergonomically, too. I can scroll the jog with my thumb and nudge with my first two fingers.”

Hey guys, help ! i just got a AI, i have cubase Pro 9.5, i see you talk to change the bar numbers like to but i can’t here.
worst, i bought it to be able to modify the velocity of a note in the midi editor. i’m a hand disabled person, and i often must edit a crazy amont of velocity on a recording, so i tought “ok , put the mouse on the velocity in the info bar”, hit Lock, and modify the velocity for each note but it’s not working ! it’s working for a fader, a button, in a plugin or the mixboad, on some setting in the inspector, but can’t do it on the transport for example, or the place where a note is. if the note is at and i want to move it by putting the mouse on the 4. , well it has no effect. any idea what’s i’m doing wrong ? I’ll post this message as a topic. sorry if i bother any of you. i hope it’s ok !


The problem with the AI is, that its held back by either its firmware or just the way it communicates with the computer.
Its not smooth and precise and as a jog wheel it fails pretty badly.
I use it now mainly for the control room volume.
I got an avid transport and it works smooth and with surgical precision.
It also has, like the cmc, a dedicated ai button and here the values can be changed by 0,1, for example on a compressor or any other tool while with the cmc the value changes unevenly by 0,3 or more (great for mastering engineers).
Also the jog wheel on the transport adapts to the grid, so it can be very smooth and always precise.
The eucon protocol, the artists uses, if not mistaken, was develloped by Steinberg and Euphonix and Avid bought Euphpnix, so its integration is deep and works great on cubase 9.5
Automating is also smoother. You can even control the clip gain, control room volume, move waveforms, fade in, out, zoom, scroll trough tracks, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion but i already have a ShuttleExpress, (yes i know it’s not the same thing) but the Avid transport seems too big for me.
i’m waiting for the Faderport v2 to see if it’s better as it has the same feature too and a lot of other ones which could replace several CMC (i admit that the fact we must use the Shift button to have access to half of the possibilites su*ks, but if it can remplace 4 or 5 of my CMC it would be"ok".

I thought the CMC series (i have all of them) would be a solution for me but i use ihem rarely due to the way my desk is “done”.
like you i use mainly the Jog for the main volume control, and it’s the feature i use the most of all of them lol.
I need to have them in front of me, but in front of me I have my computer keyboard and my Midi Keyboard, so all the CMC are on the left, and the hand / Arm must do too much movement to access to one feature. The solution would be to change the desk but, haha… not that easy.

for my issue, i found a temporary workaround. i use Midi bome translator, so when i turn the jog, it’s add via a logical preset, a +1 or -1 Velocity data. not perfect but it work.