CMC-AI Knob not working with Fabfilter plugins?

Hi Chris, hi everyone,
I have just received a new CMC-AI today and have been demoing and checking what software what works with it.
I tried Fabfilter Pro-G (Vst3 64bit) which works with mouse scroll wheel but not with the AI knob.
Any ideas?

*Edit: As of today (30th Nov 2012) because of Fabfilters update Steinberg’s CMC-AI controller now also supported.


i cant get it to work right with waves, nomad factory, any 3rd party plugin i’ve tried.

It didn’t work with the following plugins i checked PSP’ old timer, Nomad Factory echoes, the Waves ones i checked nor 2caudio’s Breeze.
Starting to feel a bit disappointed now.

Thought we’d have some answer by now, luckily i’m a patient kinda guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


are this plugins “mouse wheel” compatible ? if not AI knob does’nt work !

As i said in my first post, if you read it, Fabfilter plugins can be controlled by the “mouse wheel”


Any update on this?

Christmas bump! :slight_smile:

This is ridicules… any update :question: :question: :question:

This product is not working fully as it is intended to do so.


I think you have to click once on the knob you want to control before you can use mouse wheel with Fabfilter plugins. Maybe that is causing the problem?

The only word i got back was from Chris himself in a pm acknowledging the fact that the are not working either and he was forwarding the info…that was on 05 Dec 2011…but nothing since!!




This is ridicules.

I bought into these when the first were released.


My Waves vst3 and Fabfilter vst3 plugins do not work with Ai knob, even though the Ai knob is supposed to work with all Vst3 plugins.

And now to make a laugh of the situation Steinberg have reduced the price of these models by 40% as of today.
So i bought them at full brand new price, it didn’t work, contacted support, got nowhere and now their at a reduced price and it still hasn’t worked for me at its full potential.

My advise, do a bit of research before purchasing any of these units to see if others are having problems.


Thats not good…
I´ve bought a CMC Ai today because of the reduced price.
I want to use it for fast media bay/preset browsing.
I have a MCU Pro and Behringer BCR2000 Controller.

If you want total flexibility you must go with BCR2000 and Generic Remote Pages.
I have made BCR2000 Preset with 16x 14Bit Encoders. The only preset on my BCR .
All othe pages for plugins are in the generic remote of cubase.
I have made pages for Channel EQ, Studio EQ, UAD Cambridge etc…
On another DAW of my friend I´ve done a GR page for Fabfilter Pro Q, if it is in insert 1 on the selected audio channel.

The link to my BCR2000 solution is in my signature.
Here is a short demonstration of the UAD Cambridge Controlled with BCR2000 and the Channel EQ with 14Bit (16386steps in the Frequency):

I bought it to help improve work flow but it just sits on the desk unused!



The only help i got was from Steinbergs Brian Mcgovern, He was very helpful and responded to my emails, but sadly in the end the only word we got back was that Steinberg could only confirm the issue with they Ai knob and certain Vst3 plugins.


I returned my CMC Ai today…
It is far to expensive for that small set of funtions.
If the CMC Ai would have done it with all 3rd Party Plugins I would keep him.

In the end I am glad to have my MCU Pro with BCR 2000.

As of today because of Fabfilters update Steinberg’s CMC-AI controller now also supported.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome news.


Hehehe… one down Graham, 20 to go, right? I feel with you… i’ve had the same issues with stuff and not until i made a screenrecording of the problem, i got it acknowledged… i feel they have to do something else to these controllers to integrate them a whole lot better… the first, main thing with having a controller for me is to get rid of the mouse and keyboard… the second is to be able to load plugins and tweak them… but even today the mouse and keyboard combo is supreme to my eight CMC’s… well the only thing that is equal is the transport function, opening the mixer and panning …isn’t that impressive or what :smiley:

Frustration tells me i’m going to rob a bank and buy the Nuage controller…

Let’s hope C7 + CMC will be a gamechanger though.


True that Lundin!