CMC and Cubase Pro 9.5?

Do these things still work with 9.5? And how about with recent Mac OS versions? (I’m on 10.11 here).

Also can you use a CC121 and one or more CMC units at the same time?


Mine works just fine in 9.5, though I am on Windows. You can use a CC121 and the CMC at the same time.

sweet, thanks!

Received my QC today, just wanted to add some info in case anyone future is looking at this thread — seems to work just fine with Cubase 9.5 Pro on my Mac (OSX 10.11.6)

I think the QC/Learn mode is going to be the real gem for me in using it, i.e. for programming soft synths etc. Super handy. (literally).

From what i know, everything is working (i have all of them) except one feature in the CMC-AI. the “click on a data” with the mouse and turning the knob button. it work on some stuff, and don’t on some other stuff. an exemple : all the datas in the info bar of the Midi/Key Editor.
select a note, click on the Velocity info at the top of the window. “lock” it. move the knob and nothing happen. same as well for changing the velocities, or any CC controleur. in the up window info panel, or at the bottom editor. :frowning:.

I didn’t see any other issue in the CMC CH, FD, QC, PD and TP !

Really great line of devices, I have two FDs, and a TC, a QC and a CH. They are brilliant.

I agree, except the “point and click” feature from the AI which is not working on the datas i need to change :frowning:

but it take a lot of “space” on my desk. i’m thinking eventually to replace a couple of them with a Faderport V2 once it will be out and that some people will make review about it.
the solution would be to change how my desk is made for music, but actually it’s impossible to change it, so i only have access really to one or two CMC, very frustrating. I don’t know what to do.