CMC CH causing INSTANT crash with C13

By mistake pressing the Shift and Mute at the same time causes Cubase to crash instantly
Actually just pressing mute also causes CUBASE to quit straight away FFS
Reproducible EVERY TIME !

Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.17 (2.2 MB)
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.17 (2.3 MB)


Be aware, CMC controllers have been discontinued for many years already and they are not officially supported.

Which last steps do you have in the MixerHistory, please? Could you attach a screenshot from the MixerHistory window?

Beware of false info , CMC QC was only discontinued ( support ) last year for C12, NOTHING was mentioned about dropping Support for the rest of them !


Steinberg CMC are discontinued for more then 9 years (May 2014).

Last update was released in Januarry 2020 for Mac and February 2015 for Windows.


Could you please answer my questions? This could bring some valuable informations.

We really have a language problem here ,between me and you , you seem to not understand ANYTHING i say , or you are just trying to wind me up .
I bought the CMC’s new , i know how long they have been about , i know when they were stopped being manufactured , i know about the last driver and ALSO KNOW Steinberg has continued supporting ALL CMC’s up to the release of C12 when they made a statement the support for the CMC QC has been dropped ,NO others were mentioned .
SO now i have a ‘supposed’ unsupported controller so YOU say and some functions that ive used DAily for 14 years are now Fcuked ? Excuse me if im rather PIssed off .THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION OF CUBASE THAT THE CH HAS NOT WORKED ON !


I use CMC-CH all the time with CB 13. No issue here. I tried to press SHIFT+Mute and Mute, no issue.
Win 11 - AMD system.


I’m sorry, I don’t know, what do you “know”, but I’m posting you facts.

Steinberg CMC are unsupported, as you can see on this page.


I’m also using CMC controllers, while knowing, they are not supported anymore. I also don’t have a problem using them.

As I had a look deep to the DMP file, and as I can see, how did the crash went, I asked @Highly-Controversial for some details twice already:

This could bring some valuable informations. @Highly-Controversial, could I give them, please?

Yes, we know.
(Between us: what a pity!).

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I’m done … that’s it , i’m out , now DMP’s are not enough , i have to spend my whole days after a frigging total rebuild STILL pissing about with things that worked perfectly in C12 .


I didn’t say this.

The DMP files point to something. To help the developers to find the core of the issue quickly (so they can fix more issues), I kindly asked you for more details. If I could repdoruce it on my side, I wouldn’t ask you at all.

I am running Cubase 13. and using the CMC-CH, TP, FD and QC.

No crashes.

That’s fine.