CMC-CH does'nt control the mixer

my CMC-CH does’nt control the mixer but the project window. This is pretty inconvenient.
I tried the uninstall then re-install it in Cubase, but nothing changes.
I made a search in this forum and couldn’t find any similar case.
Does anyone has a clue for this issue ?
Thanks a lot


To clarify:

Your CMC-CH controls the active channel fader, but it doesn’t move on the mixer?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear.
MyCMC-CH does control the active channel fader, but when I use the channel select buttons, it doesn’t change the channel in the mixer, it does it in the project windows. And this channel isn’t always the same.
For instance, I can’t access a channel in the mixer if its folder is not open in the project windows.
I hope that this explanation is clearer .
and sorry for my english…


I actually think this is the way the controller is supposed to work.

Bonjours verifie dans : preference/edition/projet & console de voie/ que “synchroniser proget & selection dans la console” est coché !
apres bien installé dans : peripherique/configuration des peripheriques/ clic sur le + pour installer un controlleur ici CMC CH j’en ai installer un chez un client et pas de probleme !

Ok, thanks for your help.
the mixer and the project were already synchronized in the preferences.
Eventually, I think with Shinta215 that this is the way the controller is supposed to work.
I would have like it to control the mixer only and switch between the channel of mixer independently of the project windows set up.
Just wait and see…
Maybe ?