CMC Controllers Not Working


I bought the upgrade from 7.5 to 8. My CMC controllers worked in 7.5, but now in 8 they are not recognized in the device manager. When I plug them in they a message pops up on my laptop saying that the drives were successfully installed, and still does not work in Cubase. Anyone with the same problem or a solution?


have you tried re-installing the drivers for CMC after the Cubase 8 upgrade?

The drivers that I can find say that they are out dated for this version of Cubase.

Not sure what to suggest but my CMC-QC is working fine (running Win 8.1 and C8 64Bit).

My cmc tp and cmc ch are working fine, did not install anything other than the update to Cubase 8.0 from 7.5. I’m on win7x64

Same here.

Make sure you have updated every cmc controller you have.

I have all six CMC controls. Work here so far.
Even VCA faders…

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I have 5 CMCs (I don’t own the FD). They are all working in CP 8.

I did have to re click the LED Dimmer button though…

Initially Mine didn’t work. That was after firing up for the 1st time after the install.
After a reboot they have worked flawlessly ever since…

I have all the controllers and they seem to be fine with C8.



to those who are experiencing issues with the CMC controllers: could you please make sure the controllers’ firmware is up to date?

The latest revision is 1.11 and can found at the bottom of the download page:

Please, note that this is not part of the TOOLS installation.
Also note that this has to be made with only one controller connected to the computer, so if you have more than one controller, it must be performed for each one separately.

Can we check what firmware we have installed some how?

Hello smedberg,

no, sorry, can’t be checked in advance. But once you run the firmware updater, it will tell you which version the connected CMC is at and you can abort the update, if not needed.
If you have the dim function working on the unit(s), the firmware is up to date.

Oh, for Mac users:

[EDIT: I would like to stress that the driver revision / tools installation is global, i.e. common to all the CMC connected, whereas the firmware revision is specific to each unit]