CMC - discontinued and IC PRO no update !?

CUBASE is more and more advanced and there is no serious controller - and controller suport with more intergration and new options - I like to know can we expect something serious or we have to look at other no Steinberg solutions !??
Thank you !

? You have checked the website? Nuage is pretty dang serious? It’s not Nuendo only. .

NUAGE is serious but this price point ( FADER + CONTROL + monitors + I-0 + DANTE card ) is about 20.000 € or more - i think about price under 5.000 € ( avid S3 controller or SSL NUCLEUS ) - 95 % of CUBASE user have no interes for a such HI-END products ( I think ?! ). NUAGE is designed for POST PRODUCTION - NUENDO !!!

Steinberg really need to come up with an integrated controller with specs along the line of the upcoming Behringer X-Touch.

The Mackie MCU Pro control surfaces work Great for me!

You don’t need the i/o or DANTE to operate the Nuage controller. I’d also assume you already have at least one monitor, so the additional cost isn’t that bad since monitors are relatively cheap.

But I agree, something around 2-3000 would be a good price point I think.

Thank you for info Lydiot !
Yes - I agree with a price point you say !

i don’t think it’s happening, there is currently zero affinity to a potential cubase controller given the track record of the CMC. who would invest in something that’s likely dropped from support in a year?

The problem with the CMC series was that they were a bit too expensive to attract Cubase Elements users (for which they appear aimed) and a bit much like toys to attract the professional users. There are pros that use individual modules, but I think none that use them as the main controllers.

The Nuage is a serious bit of kit. Too serious for most Cubase users. Anyway, If I had access to that kind of money, I think I’d rather go for an SSL Matrix2 ( This seems to me to be more suited to music recording than the Nuage, which is designed for video post production audio. Both options are far out of my price range.

I am convinced that a Nuage Lite, with a price of €500-600, would be a great success for Steinberg.

As far as support goes. Cubase still supports the ancient Huston controller, so I don’t think that that will be much of a concern.

my issue with nuage and why I wouldn’t buy it is, it’s a serious piece of gear and engineering - and expensive at that, but it’s still driving the same buggy daw. The broken macro system springs to mind as prime example. How the company spends this many resources on a controller and leaves unaddressed what looks in comparison like a quick fix is beyond me (and logic).

This is where these discussions always lead… how serious is “serious”? Don’t assume … it opens yourself up to a bollicking… :sunglasses:

Maybe a different angle would be:

a) Controller required with price point $A <> $B

b) Essential functional control over Cubase functions such as 1) All mixer options excluding individual rack fx parameters (just an example)

:unamused: … wow

If you think that Cubase is such a buggy piece of junk, what are you doing here? Why don’t you switch to some other perfectly bugfree DAW? Whatever it is. I don’t know.

i like it. the fact people point out flaws means they are concerned and they care about the product. that shows involvement and is much better than just leaving for a competitor’s product.

Then, if you have a specific problem, make a post where you describe it. Someone may come up with a solution. General ranting, that Cubase is buggy, just makes you look silly.

Yes, Cubase has it’s bugs, but so does every other piece of software under the sun. Cubase is no buggier than any other piece of software. If you adopt X.0 versions of any software, you’d have to expect bugs. That’s just the nature of things.

If you really like Cubase, as you claim, then stop dissing it and start contributing relevant information to help improve it.

hopefully in 2015, the new upcoming cmc-like controllers will be a bit cheaper, will allow more customization, will have more buttons, and will have more functions (F1, F2, F3… buttons). the cmc-ai had all that free space on the top, that could have had 4 extra Function buttons. Again, the cmc-AI, with a simple Shift button, people would have 2 times more buttons, 2 times more Function buttons. all that, with a simple shift button.
also, the cmc-qc or cmc-ch, any of the rotary knobs could have worked like the big AI knob on the cmc-AI model, but hey, there had to be some reasons to buy the AI model. but because of this and that…

too bad the old cmc were designed so it always lacked this or that little feature/function, feature that would always be present on another model… and another model… and so on and so on.

i hesitate getting a cmc-tp now, or waiting a few months until the new cmc models come out. i would happily pay for a controller, that would have the AI + QC + CH + TP controls, on the same device. all buttons and everything would be in the same place, accessible, no need to have an usb hub, with all the controllers here and there.

can’t wait to see the first pictures of the new upcoming cmc devices :slight_smile:

Where have seen that there is a new CMC series coming?

Does Steinberg really intend to repeat the mistake (instead of designing a proper controller)?

i haven’t seen… i was told.
believe me… in 2015, we will be able to buy some new cool cmc-like controllers :sunglasses:

the cmc series could have been a fantastic product EVERY SINGLE DAW-CUBASE lover would have bought.
unfortunately, not only they were quite expensive, but the biggest problem was, they were designed so people would have to buy several different units. “ok, on this cmc, we only put 4 function keys, and this and that feature, we move to another cmc. then, on this unit, we only give this or that feature, but to perform 1 or 2 actions, people will need to buy a different cmc. on this one (CMC-AI), we won’t put a shift button and add 4 extra Function buttons on the top, because it would be too much versatile, so, let’s remove this and that function, so people have to buy the extra cmc unit. then, on this cmc, let’s not give access to this or that feature, so people have to buy this or that cmc unit.” and so on and so on…

too bad. at half the price (hey, in Asia, with 100 euros, one can almost buy 2 ipads, with tons of technologies… so, for a small slab of plastic, with no displays or whatsoever, with just a simple pcb with a few knobs, 100 euros for a CMC unit, it was just too expensive), people would probably buy 3 or 4 cmc units. but because one would need at least 2-3 units, to have enough possibilities and features , it makes +350 euros for 3 units alone. that’s quite expensive.

i am sure I, or most people here on this forum, we could grab photoshop, and in 30 minutes, we would draw a prototype for a controller, that would have the 8 knobs on the top, for the quick controls, 8 knobs under the first raw, to control PAN, Q, slope, 16 pads on the left or right, another 8 or 16 knobs on the left or right, to control other things, an horizontal ribbon like the CMC-TP, a vertical fader, with the options of the cmc-CH + fader level display, a bunch of buttons to control different things, show-hide panels, etc, + a bunch of [F]unction buttons, with 3 shift buttons, we would have access to 4x the function buttons (normal Functions + Shift 1 + button, + Shift 2 + buttons, + shift 3+ buttons). we would have like 30-50 possible functions we could activate, just by pressing the Function button, or by pressing shift 1 + button, shift 2 or shift 3.
and finally, we would have a bigger knob, to act as the AI button.

i am sure we would have a controller with all those buttons and knobs, on a surface like 2-2.5 times the size of a CMC unit.
for me, it would be like a dream. most CMC features in ONE single place and unit, tons of Function buttons to assign plenty of shortcuts, a fader(ribbon) + transport ribbons, with leds to show the level of the current channel, , and at the bottom, we could even have a blue display, that would show the name of the parameter being used or changed, whether it was a quick control, a value on a plugin or vsti, + its value.

THIS IS the controller i would build. maybe the design wouldn’t win a prize, but at least, i would have all the knobs and buttons to control most cubase features, on a single controller.

but NO. why making such controller, with everything people need, when we can take all those features and functions, and spread them over 6+ cmc units ?

DAMN, it’s not that HARD, designing a great controller for cubase and other daw’s. we just need to stop focusing solely on the benefit and how much $ we will make with each unit, and instead, imagine we are a “standard” user, and how much features we would like to have on a controller, and how much we would be ready to pay for it.

i will try to make a mockup on photoshop of my ideal cmc-like controller, and post it here, if i don’t get banned for saying we will have new CMC stuff, in 2015.

Told by who?

Why? Are you part of the Steinberg development team?

ot, but since you bring it up… macros (which i mentioned as a broken feature in this thread and sparked the conversation) have been broken since i started using nuendo 3 – that was 2004 i think? so it’s been a decade. users including myself have reported this repeatedly, and for the current cubase iteration this has been reported in the relevant section as well. i understand your sentiment and agree: i try to properly file most of these, even though unfortunately it’s often water off a duck’s back.