Cmc-fd position wrong

Hi guys :wink:

I’m having a problem with the cmc fd I got 4 of them but the position on the actual mixer on screen doesn’t correspond 1and 2 are back to front and so is 3 and 4 is there any way of changing this or is it a bug


Ok I found an answer :slight_smile: I had to re-assign them in the device setup there labeled wrong but work correct now
Thx Dave

I recently asked how people with more than one FD were finding it, ie is it disorientating or is it OK? I’m loving my single one and considering more but can’t help thinking I’d adjust the wrong one if there were 16 in a row?

I’m also surprised that the mixer doesn’t scroll as you scroll with the channel select on the FD so that what you see on screen reflects where you are with the FD.

Be grateful if you’d let me know how you’re getting on.

Using four and wouldn’t settle for less. :wink:
Regarding scrolling/showing in the mixer- I regard this as a missing Visibility Agent.

Hi again :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem with the cmc-fd every time I start cubase they come up in the wrong order even after setting them in device setup and saving it,gets a bit monotonous doing this ever time you start up does anyone have a solution plz
Thx Dave

Find the actual order in which the units are being activated and then simply physically swap them into the correct sequence (I had to do this in the beginning as well).
If you ever disconnect them in future - make sure you replug them in the same ports (incl. hub ports) as they were previously otherwise this sequence could again be upset

Thx for that :slight_smile: right on the money

I have all of the CMC units including 4 FDs.

Pretty much every time I restart my studio machine (daily) the order of the FDs randomises.

They’re all on the same hub and it seems to be something to do with assigning addresses to the USB devices on the hub.

When you physically re-order them that works fine for that period that my computer is up for, but the next few reboots will reveal (at some point) the order changing.

I’ve been talking to Yamaha here in Aus about it for ages and there’s no solution for me.

Lot of missing info there … (PC/Mac?, Powered USB Hub? etc.)
I have my 9 cmcs (incl. 4 FDs) plugged into two powered 8 port USB hubs - these Hubs are in turn plugged into another powered 8 port hub which connects to the PC. I wasn’t sure daisychaining Hubs would work, but I’ve not had a single problem since setting them up (approx. 1 year) and the FD’s are always in their proper order.

Perhaps I could offer one suggestion if not already tried. Always power up your hubs and other peripherie before you boot your computer! After physically ordering the FDs the first time, see if they don’t retain this order in future.

I’m on Mountain Lion with a 10 port powered hub. It’s always on before powering up the machine.

I wonder whether having the FDs on their own hub would help?

I’ve had about 25 emails with tech support here in Aus and we’ve tried so many things, including different brands of hub.

The point is, really, that they just shouldn’t re-order themselves at all.