CMC for cue sends (CMC-QC and CMC-FD)


I have a question mainly for the people using the CMC-QC.

I would like to use the CMC controllers during recording for setting up simple mixes for one cue as well as the in the control room. I normally use four groups (vocals, rythm, guitars, other) so using one CMC-FD for main levels in the studio is perfect, I don’t need more than four faders! However, I would also like to control the cue sends and this is where it becomes more complicated.

  1. The best would be if I could use one (or several) CMC-FD controllers for the cue mix(es). Unfortunately not possible but could be a feature request I guess?
  2. Using the CMC-QC rotary encoders for the cue sends. Would it be possible to use the lower row of rotary encoders for main levels and the second row for cue mix? Alternatively use each row for two independant cue mixes? If anyone has the CMC-QC would you be able to try it before I buy?


Cubase iC Pro (iPad Apps) do that very well ! we practice with 4 musicians each one with a ipad with their on Cue control mixer for their headphones !
but it’s a nice complement for CMC series